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"Silky Terrier Puppies (small Silkies will weight under six pounds grown) Ready for New Homes Five Hu" needs a home! Help it find a home, by telling your friends and earn points!
Silky Terrier Puppies (small Silkies will weight under six pounds grown) Ready for New Homes Five Hu
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Miss Highlight and Sir Nobleman has new BABBIE!!!

Comming Soon Starlet Izzabella (Izzy) and Sir Nobleman (Noby) will have new babies. Male or Female Six Hundred Dollars each.

These Silkies will be small most weigh around four pounds fully grown.

If you want a busy, hardy little companion that will make you smile, is game for anything you can think of, and will only want to please you consider a Silky. Silkys love attention they are very affectionate, full of energy, curious about everything, cheerful, and love to be close to their owners Silkys are very intelligent and quick to learn. They can be stubborn, but will do most anything to please you or get your attention. Personality wise, these little darlings are a lot of fun. They are well socialized, affectionate, and a down right flirts! They just love attention, and I may even go as far as to say they are "attention hoggers!" They love being scratched behind the ears and under his chin and dont start rubbing any tummies you will never stop. Kisses? Kisses? boy do they ever love to give Kisses! They are super cute and ready to move into a new home and start a new life with their new family. They are everything that a silky should be and more. We are currently working on crate training and they are so smart they are doing very well. Despite there size less than eight pounds, Silkys are watchful and protective making an excellent watchdog. They are hardy and love to go with you where you go making them great to travel with. Silkys have longer than average life expectancy of between fifteen and seventeen years.

The Silky Terrier dog breed is also known as the Sidney Terrier or Australian Silky Terrier is very similar to the Yorkshire Terrier. The Silky is a tiny boned longhaired little dog considered a breed that is hypoallergenic or non-shedding. The Silkys body is quite tiny and compact. The Silky temperament combines the best of both worlds. They have enough toy dog characteristics to be good lap dogs, but enough terrier temperament to be fun. They are happy to play tug of war, chase a ball, hike, swim, play for hours. They are not usually excessive barkers but will alert you quite vocally if they hear or see something they feel warrants your attention. They have been known to protect their owner as best they can against unwanted intruders. For their size they have a heart of a dog far bigger than they are. Silkys generally are good with children. Silky Terrier breeders know the Silky Terrier as a very loving and affectionate little terrier. The breed is also known for its high intelligence and alertness. Silky puppies are very spunky and sociable. They like to be close to the family and are often known to be lap dogs. They like to relax with you at times but can be more energetic than mellow. Since the breed is so small they are perfect companions for traveling. They fit perfectly in a carrier or purse. The Silky Terrier is very easy to train because they are super smart and love to please. The Silky Terrier is a good dog breed for those individuals who live in an apartment or smaller home. They do enjoy walks outdoors and going places with you but it is not necessary for exercise. Terrier can adapt well to the new owners schedule and environment.

When you receive your puppy it will have been, touched, kissed, held, weighed, looked over, had several pictures taken, groomed several times, bathed several times, has a blanket of its own, given toys of its own, socialized with other puppies, taken to the Vet at least once (maybe more), possibly hand fed every two hrs, potty pad trained, not taken from momma until at least eight weeks (longer at times) and given all of the good nutritional food it can eat. My pups come with their dew claws removed, first shots, de-wormed, AKC papers, vet check and a two year written (genetic defects) health guarantee. An Eukanuba Puppy Kit included with: Customized Nutrition, Health care and Training Tips for your Puppy Care Guide, Puppy Development Growth Chart, Information about your puppies first forty-eight hours, Vaccinations & Examinations Health Records, Contact Information, and a trial bag of the puppy food I feed. Unlimited calls with questions for the puppies lifetime. I wish you all the best in finding the right puppy for your family. Please be sure a new puppy is what you want. There are to many puppies with no home... Good luck in finding the right puppy for your family.
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Donetta Dodd Clayton Location: Carrier Mills, Illinois 62917  
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